Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Public Pool"

By Autumn Gomez

Engulfed in summer heat
Clear water over a blue bottom
Lounge chairs as far as the eye can see
Bare feet running on wet concrete
Yes, this is the bubbling center
Of life, of humanity

An old man sits,
His legs crossed at the ankle
Wearing socks and tennis-shoes
Green and white Hawaiian trunks
A shirt that says, simply, 'Weenie'

Of course, there are children
They are the most prominent thing 'round here
Laughter, laughter, laughter
Splashing, screaming, sneaking
(Breaking rules)
Adorability in huge, brightly colored goggles

Life guards, pacing and watching
Checking their watches
Dragging life-saving contraptions behind them
Like a ball and chain, ball and chain

Teenagers, interacting awkwardly
Trying to pretend they don't notice
Their childhood friend's newly formed
Breasts and muscles
Confused, torn between
Civility and primal urges

Ah and the blessed parents
Trying to relax,
Few actually achieving relaxation
They sit nervously,
Imagining all the horrible possibilities

Then there's me, the poetic observer
Am I the only one who notices
In this place, the sky always looks bluer
The clouds bigger, puffier, whiter
The persistent sound of water
Constantly moving

Does anyone else realize
The sun is a lover?
She kisses my skin
Pressing her burning lips
Against my pale bare skin
She leaves little red kisses
And freckles on my milky flesh
Intermittently, thick patches pass
In front of her shinning glorious love
Giving my flesh a small, yet, appreciated break
From her blistering passion.

This place is the reason I dread winter.

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